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Pinky Brown

Linda "Pinky" Brown

Linda Brown has a real passion for Music and Motorcycles. Linda grew up in low income housing wanting to make the world a better place for others. Her love for people led her to a career as a Social Worker. When Linda was not working she was using her skills to help multiple organizations in her community. The color pink represents the passion in Linda’s heart for her community and she was given the nick name “Pinky”.

On September 1st, 2015, Linda was hit by a distracted driver while riding her Harley-Davidson V-Rod. The possibility of Pinky losing her leg was a real concern. During her long hospital stay Pinky played her guitar to cheer up those around her. Music is like medicine and it not only helped those around her but it helped Linda too. While in the hospital Pinky started the “Don’t Drive Distracted-I Pinky Swear Campaign”. The Motorcycle community helped to spread the word and before she knew it she had a worldwide campaign. PINKY’s bike is: “The Pink Storm” and her plate reads “Pink V”.

Cross Canada Media 

Dylan Bishoff


Our talented, Award Winning Filmmaker,

Dylan Bishcoff!!

Hey, My Name’s Dylan! I grew up loving cameras, photography, and mostly videos! Basically, I’m not myself without a camera in my hands. When I was thirteen years old I got my first GoPro and made A Lot of really bad videos.. At least, until I made my first good one. When I was fifteen I got my first drone! A DJI Phantom 3 Standard, after many crashes, I started getting much better and confident so I started posting videos online. At sixteen I bought my first camera, Canon Rebel T6s. for a first camera, this was more than enough to handle. Since i've had it I learn something new every day and now, all photos I post online are taken with this camera! And finally, at 17 I was gifted a DJI Phantom 4 Pro! This is the top of the line consumer drone which meas high quality content for the viewer and that’s what has mattered to me the most since I started my Youtube channel and I now have the ability to post 4k Cinematic videos online. I plan to continue bettering my skills as a filmmaker and photographer, along with traveling the world living every moment to the fullest and enjoying life, with a lens.

The Pinky Swear Girls!!


Mike Smith and Charlie Smith

(No relation!!)

Both Mike and Charlie are retired but have hit the road again to help us on the 2019 Awareness Tour!!! We are absolutely thrilled to have them on our team!!

Mike drove the truck and trailer out in the western provinces. When we arrive back to Ontario, Charlie took over this huge job for eastern provinces!! Both men are experienced with long hauls and are also mechanically inclined. We are extremely lucky to have such wonderful people on our team!!

You will see these two at some of our future events!!


   Carolyn Shephard, Krista Smith, and Angela McCallister have been assisting the campaign from the very beginning!! You will see these ladies at any shows, booths, or events!! Carolyn (far left), rides Pinky's original pink bike!!! Krista (Center back) and Pinky LOVE to ride long rides together!! In 2018 they rode from Ontario to the very tip of the Florida Keys! Angela (Middle front) well this girl is always going over and above to help....and make us laugh until our tummys hurt!!


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